Address tournament and staying place

De Stolp Texel 
Stolpweg 35
1797 AW Den Hoorn Texel

De Stolp texel

How to get there?: First you have to reach the city of Den Helder. From for example Amsterdam central station or Schiphol airport you can take the train to Den Helder. But do contact us or others to see if it is possible to hitch a ride first. That is quicker and cheaper! Ferry from Den Helder harbour to Texel harbour is €2,50 for pedestrians (retour) and €36,50 for cars incl. persons (also retour). More info about the Ferry. Transport from Texel harbour to the tournament location will be done by Marcel, Jan or someone else by car. It is only 6 km. Please communicate your travel-plans to us so we can plan a smooth going to the location. Also contact us to get our cell-phone number so you can contact us if you arrive at the Texel harbour. Most of us also have WhatsApp and on the ferry there is free WIFI. If possible, try to arrive before dinner time on Friday. There will be something to eat! Below is a picture with a pinpoint of the location (A) the ferry in Den Helder (B) and Schiphol (C) written in.

If you need any help finding the location, hotels, public transportation, please contact us and we will help you find it.